Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm glad my satellite radio is working again!

For the last little bit, by satellite radio has been skipping, and I haven't been able to listen to it. At first I thought it was interference from the fire near Draper, then I thought it was the way Seth installed the antenna. Then it got reset and it is back to normal (except for the Punk is now AC/DC all the time for a Limited Time, but it doesn't say how long it will be like that! I miss my Ramones!) Anyway.....I was listening to BBC Radio 1 yesterday and they had Katy Perry (of I Kissed a Girl Fame) in studio for an interview and live performance. I listened for a little bit, it was interesting to hear what was going on while she is in England, then she did an acoustical version of I Kissed a Girl. Her voice is awesome! It was rich and deep and just awesome! I loved the in studio version of that song, and I would like to hear more of just her singing.

Since we live here in the US, we can't get the online version of her Radio 1 visit, but listen to her on (

Let me know what you think...and Kim, I know you already love her, I'll have Katie call you so you can listen to your phone just ring!


Katie said...

I like her.

Allison and Ben said...

I'm at my moms and I am actually able to listen to the music. I like this song, it has a great beat.