Thursday, September 4, 2008

I happen to like kids music too.

Just last month The Laurie Berkner Band came out with a new CD, Rocketship Run. I am ashamed to admit, I haven't purchased it yet (well, I don't think my little sis J has bought it for me yet) so I haven't listened to much of it. BUT my kids LOVE Laurie Berkner.....Lilly can even say her first name, and she knows when Laurie comes on the radio/TV/iPod. Colin still cites her as his favorite singer, and would kiss my feet if I played her CD's more often (and I mean literally kiss my feet). They aren't extra cheesy, and a lot of their songs are songs you can dance to, so it gets the kids up off their butts and onto their feet. The lyrics are pretty easy to least parts of each song are. Lilly loves We are the Dinosaurs, and the phrase "marching, marching" comes out of her mouth often. Check out Two Tomatoes Records for some Laurie Berkner Band memorabillia, and some occasional contests. And to hear some of their music.


Katie said...

I love The Laurie Berkner Band, too. It's one of the few kids bands I can stand. Fun and not cheesy.

Anonymous said...

I saw her on a morning talk show, and I must say that the tune was rather catchy.... Then I was violated when I couldn't get the tune out of my head!! MUAH!


Vicki said...

We love Laurie Berkner, too. One of my faves is "I'm Not Perfect" - a great one for tots and parents (gentle reminder, you know?)!