Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday's Wonderful Recipe

I haven't made this recipe in a long time, but everyone I have served it to has loved it! (Well, everyone that likes black beans). Mexican food is one of the easiest to make when you are having a pot luck. Tacos, fajitas, can make just about anything, and still have things left over for people to contribute. This recipe is something you can make as a side dish, a salad, but I also just realized if you tweak it a bit and saute the onions and the bell pepper with the spices, then add the rest of the ingredients and heat it through, it would be a wonderful warm topping for a taco salad, or even a filling for a vegetarian taco (or a filling along with a bit of chicken or shredded beef in a taco, or a tostada). I found the recipe on and I love making it. It is so easy, and healthy....AND I bet it would take good even with the beans omitted...for those non-bean loving people in your life (my hubby included). Here's the link: Let me know if you make it! PS...If we can get a babysitter for CNO...I think I'm gonna make don't even think about it! ;)

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Katie said...

Sound yummy. I love black beans, so I'm definitely going to make this one!

My sister-in-law has a recipe for a black bean salad that is too simple and good: mix a can or two of rinsed black beans with lots of pico de gallo and refrigerate for several hours. That's it!