Saturday, August 16, 2008


No, No...I'm not saying my friends are Flaky....I'm saying some new members of our household came from the WONDERFUL Etsy Shop "FlakyFriends".
I came across Sarah's blog Hollywood Flakes through the BlogHer Network a few months ago. I checked out all of her links....noticed how cute her homemade stuffed animals were, and that was the last of it. Until.....I read a post on Mamas Like that highlighted her Etsy Shop. Since I remembered her, I took another look at her fun Friends (the fact that there was a limited time discount code didn't hurt either).
Here are the Flaky Friends my kids have acquired:
Gerty the Good Natured Hippo For any of you that might NOT know, my daughters favorite animal to "draw" is the "Hippo"...or more accurately "Heepo" with a high inflection note on the second "e". OK, so I must confess, "Hippo" is the word I most like to hear her say. AND she's purple! So Sarah stuffed...and I mean stuffed her into a most uncomfortable mailing envelope and popped her into the mail ASAP! When Gerty arrived, she was very grateful to be in the fresh air, but didn't complain a bit (hence the Good Naturedness).

Lucky the Out of Shell Turtle

Lucky out of his shell My son on the other hand, got to choose the Flaky Friend that joined us in SLC. At first he wanted a blue penguin....and I was all ready to pay for him, when I remembered the cute turtles that can come out of their shells. He fell in love with Lucky, and when I ordered him, I got teased a bit (by Sarah) because I was ordering so close to receiving Gerty! Colin was so cute when he started to play with Lucky....he said in a squeaky, turtle like voice "Hey! Where's Gerty! I wanna play with her." Just melted my heart! Unfortunately Lilly was waay too rough with Gerty, and I need to restitch her no fault of the original daughter kept trying to ride her hippo!

Anyway...just wanted to share my new find with all of you...Sarah is great about shipping, even better about child safety (she changed out Gerty's eyes so they are safety ones now), AND she can even do custom orders to match bedroom decor/favorite colors/etc. etc. So take a look....and hopefully you will find Flaky Friends as endearing as I do!


Katie said...

Those are too cute!

And I'm glad to know you don't think I'm flaky. Whew!

Sarah said...

Doh! Gerty has already busted a seam, huh? I've been telling her she needs to get more serious about her low carb diet.

Thanks for the sweEt (emphasis on the second e...) post! I'm so glad Lucky was so happily reunited with Gertrude.