Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm an unsupportive Daughter-in-Law

Today we had a picnic with Seth's side of the family; his Sister M, and her 9 of her kids (they are "yours and mine") and his Mom C. It was a pretty fun afternoon, lots of people to hang with, lots of people to play with my kids (although we did have an incident of Lilly following people to the Holiday Oil and we didn't know where she was) and not as awkward as we all thought it would be. Until..... Seth's Mom decided she doesn't want to be called "Grandma C" anymore. She wants to be called "SawSaw" or "SaSa" or is it "Salsa" or "Salami"? For almost 21 god damn years she has been "Grandma". Since she has been married 3 times, and has a different last name from the rest of the family, M's fam calls her "Grandma C" and we call her "Grandma Lockwood". To her face the kids call her "Grandma" or since Lilly can't say "Grandma" she calls her "Na" just like she calls my Mom "Na". How does she expect anyone to just change what we call her out of the blue? I don't have any problems with Grandmas not wanting to be called "Grandmother" or even "Grandma" some people call their Grandmothers "Mimi" or "Oma" or even "Yai Yai". But that is what they have been called from day one. From the moment they had grandchildren, they have been called a different name. But I do not know one that has decided to change their "title" in the middle of being a grandma. Seth's Mom has Grandchildren that range in age from 23 (step-grandchild) to G's unborn child (yay for G and D!). Does she really think all the adults are going to be "on board" and change what they call her after that long. I mean I am supposed to call my mother-in-law "Sa Sa" instead of "C" after 11 1/2 years of being a part of her son's life? WTF? It just don't understand. I guess I am just an unsupportive daughter-in-law. And I'm OK with that! PS "SaSa" comes from some old movie she likes. If anyone knows which one...let me know so I know I will never rent it!


Katie said...

I don't know the movie otherwise I would certainly tell you!

I think that's absurd and frankly, just expecting too much of her grandchildren. I agree that she should've thought about it when she found out she was going to be a grandmother.

If it were my family, I'd just keep on calling her Grandma. I have a Grandmother who likes to be called GrandMOTHER and as a kid I always called her GrandMA just because I knew it bothered her. As you can guess, I haven't spoken to her in about 10 years and I'm TOTALLY okay with it!

Anjie said...

LOL! I don't think I can get the kids to change....AND I am not opposed to pissing her off by having the kids call her Grandma still.

Allison and Ben said...

I agree she should have picked a name out first and stuck with it. You can just change in the middle. I'm sure that's hard, just have your kids call her what they want, because in the end it's really going to be their choice. Ben's mom tried to change her name when my kids were born and needless to say that did not work. But she just tired to do it on her own without asking. Go figure, grandmas can be strange.

Carl and Steph said...

Catl can't wair for the day when Brady picks up a saw and says "SaSa!" I am conflicted over what sign to teach Brady for grandma. Do I teach him the sign for saw or grandma? He'll get so confused! I think we'll just keep using the sign and word grandma and hope that this whole new name thing is just a phase.

And the movie is something like "Mrs. Ladyluck's night at the Pumpernickle"

Anjie said...

Stephanie- Thanks for the name of the movie...I won't ever see it.
Also...keep teaching Brady the sign for Grandma....especially if that is what he will be calling your Mom...just blame it on him being confused!