Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm the Mom of an Independent Kindergartner

Today was Colin's first day of school. All of us were excited; Me to have some more one on one time with Lilly (amongst other reasons); Seth, because he likes seeing Colin grow up and Lilly because everyone else was excited. Colin and Lilly were ready way before it was time to go, and Colin kept asking, "Can we leave yet? I can't wait much longer!" When I dropped him off at school, he was a little apprehensive. He didn't cling to me, like Lilly would have, but he didn't run into the big group of kids and ask to join the fun either. HE kinda held back a little bit. After reintroducing him to his teacher, and saying good bye, I asked Lilly if she was ready to go....she said "No, bubba too!" And I'll admit that even though I could have dragged her out of there, I kinda took the opportunity to stay a little longer....I asked Colin if he needed anything, hoping he would ask me to stay. He said "no" just as a friend from preschool said "Hi". It was nice of Tessa to say hi to him, and make him feel a little more at ease. As Lilly and I left, I fought back tears...."I can't cry on the way to the car...I'll have to wait until I get into the car." Once I got into the car, I realized there were other Moms in the cars near us, and I thought "I can't let them see me cry." So I was a big girl and didn't cry, yet. We picked Colin up from school, and I think he was excited to see us... Lilly sure was stoked. She made sure he knew she was there to help pick him up. Colin voiced that was a little disapointed he couldn't ride the bus home, but he also was a bit relieved. He asked me what he should do if he is scared of the bus, and I let him know how nice the bus driver is , and how much fun he would have. (I hope that is the way it turns out) I'm glad I didn't have to be the one parent that stayed all morning to make sure my kid could handle kindergarten, but am also a little sad that my son doesn't need me to stay. All I have to remember is that I am doing my job right, and I am raising my son to be an independent person, that can figure things out on his own, but can come to me when he DOES need help. Like right now...he is screaming at something downstairs....I guess I'd better check on him! PS Picture coming soon.....not enough time to post one...later today, I promise!


Katie said...

I think it's sweet that you wanted to cry, but held it together for your son and yourself. I think I only cried on Seth's first day of preschool. And I'm sure I'll cry when Garrett starts kindergarten because she's my baby.

I hope that the bus is fun, too. Sometimes I wish Seth could ride the bus.

Cara said...

It sounds like the first day went great! I held back my tears as well, if it makes you feel any better. In fact I felt like crying just a bit when I dropped him off today. He is such a big boy getting out and walking to his class on his own. Where is Colin going to school at? Will he be riding the bus?

Vicki said...

I'm glad Collin's first day went well! I had to fight back the tears yesterday when I took Emily, too, and it really caught me off guard. They'll always be our babies, though, no matter how old they get and every milestone is still a big deal. Hope he enjoys the bus - I think most kids probably love it!