Monday, August 18, 2008

Is it just me?

Is it just me or are teenagers/young adults less mature than we were at their age? When I was 21 I was getting ready to get married, working a part-time + job, and going to school. I made sure bills were paid on time, and if I didn't have the $$ I went without the frivolities and even essentials of life to make sure I could pay them. I only had 1 credit card, and that was for wasn't even a regular credit card. I could only use it on the kind of stuff I could find at ZCMI, and even then, I didn't use it very much. I didn't have multiple maxed out cards, and I certainly wasn't using my boyfriends card to buy expensive things. I know I did a few stupid things when I was young (not gonna share them here) but I don't think I screwed over family, or had my priorities messed up. I didn't take advantage of people I loved, just because I thought they would always trust me. What is your take? Where were you when you were 21? Are young adults these days getting everything handed to them, so they don't know how to take care of themselves?


Seth said...

I didn't have a credit card so of course you couldn't use it.

Katie said...

I'm going to agree with you. Yes, I'm sure there are very few of us who did't do something really stupid in our twenties (I know I'm guilty). They aren't called Generation Y for's Y as in "Why?" Why do I have to do that? Why do I have to be responsible? Why do I have to go to work? If they have a REASON they are good, but without they are just slackers.

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Yes, they are spoiled cuz we have made it too easy for them. No one is held accountable for their actions. I'm gonna climb off my high horse and mention that I had two children when I was 18. When I let my darling spawn know how easy they have it by reminding them of this fact, they respond with, "Well we're not stupid." Touche Spawn. Touche.