Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Years!

10 Years goes by fast once you have grown up. 10 years ago today I was married to my sweet hubby Seth, and we were then considered grown ups. 10 years! Yes, we have had our ups and downs as every marriage has....but I am extremely lucky to have a husband that lets me be my own person, have my own friends, but still loves it best when I am home with him (if you ask him, he'll deny it though!) 10 years and 2 kids later, Seth still makes me laugh, and I still help keep him a bit grounded (OK so having to support us all probably does that) and we are still in love, even more so than 10 years ago. Happy Anniversay!


Katie said...

Happy Anniversary Anjie and Seth!!! Here's to many more happy years.

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Doesn't love rock?! Happy ten and here's to ten times more!