Monday, February 4, 2008

Valentine's Day

So....I have been thinking about Valentine's Day, since it is coming up soon....and I am wondering how you celebrate, if at all? Some people I know just think of it as a holiday made up by card companies to make us spend money, other people just don't celebrate because they don't want someone else telling them when to let their sigificant other know they love them, and then there are some that go ALL out; roses, chocolate, jewlery etc. I think it is a great holiday, although not my favorite, to help get us out of the doldrums of winter (curse you snow!) It is fun for the kids to give Valentines to their friends, and to attend parties when they have been cooped up without anything to look forward to for months! We celebrate by getting Valentine gifts for the kids (I keep a tradition my Mom had, I leave the gifts on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run back into the house by way of the garage) and usually by getting each other a little something. This year, we are actually going out to dinner to spend time together without the kids! (I suggested I cook something special, DH suggested we go out to dinner, I wholeheartedly agreed, less work for me!) How do you celebrate? Has anyone heard of the doorbell ditching tradition? Answer me dammit (just so I know someone is reading this!)


Allison & Ben said...

You're so funny! We don't really have an special v-day traditions. Every once in a while we will go out, but nothing big. This is the first year we will have to do the whole kid card thing for Isa, and that is always interesting, I made the cards, mostly because I think the messages are a little much for kids. What three year old needs to express undying love for another three year old. I like the idea of the doorbell drop.

Katie said...

I read your blog!

No real traditions for us. Just your standard Valentine's Day of going out, I usually get flowers and we exchange small gifts and cards. Although Bob will be out of town this Valentine's, I don't really mind since we usually don't celebrate on the actual day.

As for the kids, I let them buy the boxes of Valentines (since I always enjoyed that as a kid) and pass them out to their friends. We don't get them anything for V-day. Sorry kids!