Thursday, January 24, 2008

Updated Resolution far so good on the New Year's Resolution about spending more time with friends outside of MOMS Club. So far, Mom is a happy camper (most of the time). Now I think it is time to extend the scope of that resolution to include the kids. I have spent a lot of time outside of MOMS Club hanging out with friends, and most of that was without the kids (Very, nice, but not very "Mommy" of me). I kinda feel like the kids have not benefited from my resolution much at all. Yes, I am happier when I get to chat with the girls, but that means they say at home quite a bit. SO...I resolve to spend more time with friends outside of MOMS Club activities, AS WELL AS have more "Playdates" for the kids. Let's see how it works out....I'll keep ya posted!

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Katie said...

You know we're always up for more playdates. Although it's kind of tough with the boys on different schedules and napping girls in the afternoons. But we should try to make it work somehow!