Thursday, February 28, 2008

Springtime is coming! Springtime is coming!

Spring is in the air! The last few days have been beautiful! I can smell spring! (can you tell by all of the exclamation points that I am excited?) The kids have played outside in the front yard the last few afternoons, and because I am a little AR about my kids being good, I have neglected my housewifely duties and spent time outside watching them (Good thing my husband doesn't care). Lilly LOVES doing anything big "bubba" does and it is hilarious watching her try to use the kid sized snow shovel to dig up what little snow we have left in the front yard (Thank goodness for a southern exposure!) Colin is just having a blast being outdoors.....he really needs some friends to play with right now...Lilly is sleeping....but he is being pretty good keeping himself occupied. I am so glad Spring is just around the corner...I know, I know, we live in Utah, so there will be at least 2-3 more snow storms before the summer hits, BUT at least this week we have have had a taste of what it to come~!

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Katie said...

We are thoroughly enjoying this warm pre-Spring weather! And I love that the kids are playing outside because it wears them out and they sleep well. Well, one of them anyway. And it won't be long before we have 2 weeks of actual Spring before driving full-force into our 90-degree-plus Summer days.