Sunday, February 10, 2008

Growing Up maybe I was too hasty in the last post....Lilly can get older...but she has to stop when she knows how to work the computer by herself. The last few nights Lilly and I have spent some time together playing games on the computer. She comes up to me and says "Max" indicating she wants to play "Max and Ruby" on This "quality time" together consists of me playing the games...."Toy Bowling", "Find Max" and "Dress Up", while Lilly just sits on my lap, or on one of my legs, or tries to sit on the laptop and watches. Have you ever tried to use a laptop with a kid in the way? Not an easy task....I end up getting really frustrated and eventually telling her it is bedtime. So "quality time" turns into "frustration" which translates into "angry Mommy" and eventually "bedtime". Lilly can grow up long enough to learn to use the she can play "Max"...but then she has to stop. (Or maybe I will just get some "Max and Ruby" books...they are less frustrating!)

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Katie said...

Our game an Elmo game. Seth loved that game. We started out with him on my lap which quickly transistioned into him by himself but somehow he's always end up quitting out of it and would get upset. I totally appreciate your situation.

Now go buy some "Max and Ruby" books.