Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My son is 5!

Colin Blowing out his "5" candle

Colin turned 5 today. We had a pretty good day. I made a special breakfast of Monkey Bread and even though Colin asked for it, I was the only one that ate mine and then some! My sister came up and we went to Toys R Us where Colin got to be a special guest and have his name announced over the loudspeaker, and we shopped for quite a while. It was cool to see his face when they said Happy Birthday to him, and when he just got to run around looking at all the cool toys! We could have stayed at the train tables all day (good thing he got one from Dad and Mom today!)
Then we went to lunch at McDonald's and even as he played, he seemed older. He was gentle and kind to all the littler kids, and he didn't push or shove or even have a melt down when we had to leave. Colin even said "When I was younger I was scared of The Incredibles but now I'm 5 so I can watch it by myself". So of course we watched The Incredibles TWICE today!
I hope he keeps up the good job of acting "older" and maybe things will get a bit easier around here!
Happy Birthday Colin!

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday to Colin! Five is a big birthday and I think kids instinctively know it.