Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm a Mom still trying out new recipes!

I know I haven't posted a new recipe on here in a while, but even though I'm devoting more time to my family, I've still been searching for new recipes, and enjoying cooking! I've found a few new websites that have some pretty good recipes. One I LOVE to look at the pictures of her dishes (think "food porn"*), and read how she has come up with them, but I rarely make anything, since her stuff is mostly healthy and stuff my family most likely won't eat (That, and some of the ingredients are hard to find, and I'd have to go to Sugarhouse to get them). But, the other day, or week, or whatever, she posted a recipe she got from Martha Stewart. I normally don't make "Martha" recipes, since they are anything but simple. This one remarkable is! Take a look at The Kitchen Sink Recipes (thanks Shannon!) and the recipe Strawberry Cake. I haven't made it yet (that's tonight) but it seems simple enough, and it can be baking while we eat dinner. I'll let you know how it turns out, tomorrow (I promise) because I have a Music Post up my sleeve! (WOW 3 posts in one week...what is WRONG with me!) *I think I first heard the phrase "Food Porn" from Shannon, when she Tweeted the link to a PW blog post about Sushi....or was it Italian? I don't remember what food it was, but it was indeed "Food Porn" and so I am stealing the phrase (or at least borrowing it!)