Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can also be a "Muffia Mom" too.

As much as I'd like to think I am always a White Trash Mom (WTM), I DO have my "Muffia" moments. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, and want to know more, check out The White Trash Mom Handbook by Michelle Lamar and Molly Wendland or The White Trash Mom blog.) This week is my son's last week of Kindergarten. The last few months have been a little rough, but with the help of some great teacher's aides, front office secretaries, and an awesome Principal, we have gotten through it. I wanted to make sure I thank them with a little more than just a card. I searched the Internet and found a few cool ideas that I thought would work for me. (Of course I adapted some of the ideas to fit my creative skill level and WTMness). The first gifts I put together are movie night packets. I think we've all seen the cute movie night bowls/buckets/bags/baskets that are usually given at Christmas time, this is just a smaller version. I took two packets of microwave popcorn, taped them together with packing tape, and tied a ribbon and a $5 Blockbuster gift card to them. They aren't as cute as these, and not as cute as I wanted to make them (I used ribbon I already had instead of buying new ribbon) but I think they are cute, and get my point across. The second gift I made, I've been gathering items over the last few months. One item here, two items there. OK...so there are only 4 items in the gift, but if you can get stuff a little at a time the impact on your budget might not be so harsh! I bought an extra long beach towel ,a pair of flip flips to match it, a stick of sunscreen and a magazine. All I had to do was put the magazine and slip flops around the already rolled towel, and tie it with a cute ribbon (I tied the sunscreen, still in package, in the bow). I should say something like "Have a relaxing summer" or "Thanks for a great year, you deserve some relaxation" or something witty, but I think I am just going to write a nice Thank You note, and have Colin sign it. There are so many cute ideas you could do with this gift, instead of a magazine give a gift card to a book store, or add a cute spray bottle to help her keep cool. I found the idea on a blog somewhere (can't find it now, but if I do I'll let you know), and kinda made it my own (I added the flip flops because Old Navy had them on sale!) AND next I made cute tags for suckers (Charms Blow Pops to be exact) to give to the kids in Colin's class. He was allowed to chew gum for the last few months and they were really, really great at accepting the fact that they didn't get to chew gum, but he did. They didn't get mad, they didn't try to take the gum, they didn't treat him any differently. My friend Traci had the idea to give them Double Bubble, but I couldn't find any, so I thought the Blow Pops would be cute . So that is my "Muffia" moment for probably the rest of the year. If it helps, I was wearing my WTM uniform while putting the gifts together, tank top, capri's, flip flops and my favorite hat (horrible hair day), all while drinking my quad shot iced latte' (extra caffeine to keep me going).


Katie said...

Awesome gifts, Anjie! I'm sure the school staff and kids will appreciate it!

Allison and Ben said...

The gifts are great, you did a wonderful job. I think everyone will enjoy them.

Barbi said...

Cute ideas! I think everyone will appreciate them. AND - I am sure Colin will be the coolest kid in class (in addition to his awesomeness already) for bringing those suckers! :)