Friday, June 19, 2009

I love reading Tip Junkie every day.

I know I've had the Tip Junkie button over there on the right of my blog for awhile now, but I don't remember if I've shared with you the reasons I read the Tip Junkie blog website every day. 1-It features some of the cutest items made by Moms (Mom-preneur Shop). And they aren't ALL items for babies/kids. 2-It features some great, great ideas for gifts for a multitude of occasions. Father's Day, Teacher Appreciation, Birthday's, Just Because Day (is that a real day?). And the tips are ones she has either found on the internet herself (Laurie rocks) or ones that have been sumitted by Tip Junkie readers. 3-It features an awesome Giveaway directory, where bloggers having a giveaway can put them on one central page and if I want to enter one, I can just click on the link, instead of scrolling through multiple websites. 4-Laurie updates the blog website every weekday. Even on a day that was very important to her family (last day of school) she posted a cute pic of her boys and let her readers know why she'd be out for a bit. All week long Laurie has been giving away a ton of awesome prizes to celebrate the birthday of her blog, that has now become it's own website (hence the strikeouts above). This is the first day that something has interested me enough to I wrote my requisite blog post, and now will enter to win some fun stuff! Check out Tip Junkie if you have the time!


Allison and Ben said...

Ok I have not ever checked out her site and I just love it. I think i will be sure to go back again. You always find such fun sites to visit. Where do you find the time?

Anjie said...

Have you ever seen my house when people are NOT coming over? That is how I find the time. Good thing my husband doesn't mind, much.

I think Laurie is in the DFW area too Allison, but I'm not for sure on that one. And I'm pretty sure I found Tip Junkie through another site, which is where I find most of the blogs I read.