Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm excited for another concert, maybe.

Since it IS Turntable Thursday...I thought I'd share some concert news I just found out. I don't normally look at the Utah Symphony/Deer Valley concert series schedule. It just isn't a practical thing since we'd have to get a babysitter and stay in Park City and trek up the hill and, well, you get the picture. But this year, I took a look at the schedule during the time we have already booked a "romantic" getaway and I was so excited to see who was playing that weekend. Are you ready?
Elvis Costello. ELVIS COSTELLO and the Utah Symphony. In Deer Valley. The same weekend in August we are already staying in the area.
I'm not sure if we are going to get tickets, but it would cap off an already awesome weekend we have planned. Hopefully it will work out!!
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