Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm a person that loves many things.

I read a blog called "Clever Girl Goes Blog" whenever she has a chance to post. This week Tia did a meme, and offered to let her readers choose if we wanted to participate. Since I haven't posted in a while, I thought I'd ask her to assign me a letter....and she gave me "C". Below is the meme, hope you enjoy!
(I'm supposed to make a list of 10 things I Love that start with the letter "C"...then I am supposed to tag other people and assign them a letter to keep the meme going. Ummm...I don't like playing tag, so let me know if you want a letter-had to steal Tia's idea on that one)
1- Children- Or more specifically MY children. Colin (almost 6) and Lilly (2) are so awesome, and I am so glad I (we) chose to have them. I love the title they bestowed upon me when they were born "Mom".
2-Chocolate- Or more specifically PW's The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever, hmmm I guess that is 2 "C" words "chocolate" and "cake"- YUM! Ooohh and I LOVE Chocolate Martini's too. WAY YUM!
3-Chuck- Nope, not the nickname, and not the dog (although he is pretty talented) I mean the TV show. Well, I guess I mean TV in general, BUT I didn't get the "T" so I used that instead. (BUT to be fair, I think Chuck is a great show, and he is cute, and I enjoy watching it every week!)
4- Clan- Meaning family. I love my imediate family (Seth, Colin and Lilly) and I love that we can count on most of my extended family for anything at anytime!
5- Chillin'- I LOVE, and I mean LOVE Chillin' with friends. Whether it is a MOMS Club event, or just hanging while making S'mores Crack Chex (hmmm, more C words!) it is so well, nice and cool to have friends that I can just hang with.
6- Coffee- I LOVE Coffee. Normally a Vanilla latte or coffee with creamer and sugar from home. Nothing too fancy.
7- Crack Chex- Any flavor, any recipe, I love it. Mostly because Katie makes it perfectly every time.
8- Companion- Well, I mean my husband. He is a great companion, friend, father, provider.
(Imagine pic of Seth here....I don't think he'd approve of a pic of him on my blog)
9- Clogs- I don't really like just clogs per depends on the style, but I love shoes. I have been trying to be frugal and not do any shoe shopping lately, but I think I might have to go again!
10- Crayons- Right now I love crayons because they are one of the only things that will quiet the kids when I need a minute or 60 of downtime. Blank paper and a box of crayons make my day!
That's grateful you got a post today....I haven't had many things that I actually want to post lately, but hopefully that will change.


Katie said...

I'm glad you enjoy my chex mixes. :-) And I'm so glad you just came over the other day to hang out. It was fun! We should definitely do that more often.

Allison and Ben said...

Wow crayons, I'm not sure if I would pick that one, sometimes their great, while others not so much. Mostly not good when the crayons end up on my wall. Oh well life with the 2 year old.

Shannon said...

I can't wait to make the Chex mix you guys rave about! Yum. What a fun list, I've never had a chocolate martini, will have to try!

Barbi said...

Vanilla Latte's are my fave! Yum Yum

Holly said...

Um...where did you find those cute clogs? I can't believe you didn't bring those to my attention immediately!!!!! I thought we were friends. How is it that you know so many weird details about me and then skip right over that one?