Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm a football fan too.

OK so this post is a little late. Like a week late. I should have posted my Super Bowl menu last Wednesday, so you could take one or two recipes and use them yourselves. I'm slow. You can use the menu for the Pro Bowl if you want.(It's on Sunday at 2:30 MST) For those of you that don't like football, you can always make them for whatever the hell you want (yes, I said "hell" deal with it!) So on Super Bowl Sunday, I made: 1.PW's Spicy Roasted Chicken Legs 2.PW's Wing sauce for Chicken Tenders 3.PW's Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies AND 4.Queso (but not PW's...just mine, kinda) 1. My niece and I loved the chicken legs. I had to use Lawry's Season Salt instead of Morton's Hot Salt because I couldn't find any. I will try this recipe again after I look high and low for the Hot Salt because I think it would be delicious! I just had leftovers for dinner tonight: 20 minutes in the oven at 350...yummy! 2. I liked this wing sauce too. I think it would work a lot better with actual WINGS, but since my hubby doesn't like "bone-in" meat, I tried it with the tenders. I need to find a recipe on how to make the tenders look/taste more like wings, and use this sauce. Anyone have one? 3. Ummm....I think anything with bacon is to die for. I loved these! They were soo good, but a little rich (I had huge peppers so there was a lot of cream cheese). I had these for dinner tonight too, and I liked them the second time as well. 4. The Queso I made was OK. Well, let me be frank...Seth made the queso, but I bought the stuff for it. I forgot to buy No-beans chili to make chili Queso, so we used a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes instead. I should have had Seth add a little bit of cream cheese to the mix, or have him drain the tomatoes, since it was a little runny. Next time. OK...that was our line up...lots of food for 3 adults (the kids had frozen pizzas) but it was all food I wanted to try out. Who best to try it on than family??? I guess I should say something about the game was a good game, but the team I wanted to win didn't. In reality the team I wanted to go to the Super Bowl didn't even come close to getting there, so I was pretty indifferent about the game. So there you go, a pretty lame anaylsis of the game.

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Shannon said...

Mmm sounds like the food was a hit! Yum, bacon!