Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm cleaning up my music collection.

During the grueling music research process (and I do mean you know how hard it is to listen to music and choose what bands I like), I realized a lot of my music in my iTunes folder were either a) not there anymore b) not accessible anymore or c) kids music. (OK so that last one I realized when I did a Facebook meme...most of the music on shuffle was my kids music!) So I am in the midst of deleting music and adding it back on, and procuring some new stuff, and some old stuff. Sorry I don't have a great music post this week.....I thought it was more important to clean up and out my iPod to make room for my research. If you are dying for some different music, just look to the right and maybe listen to The Black Keys. I'm not sure what I think about them yet, so I'll so some more research and get back to you!(Maybe in next weeks post!)


Holly said...

Ugh! This is on my to-do list also. It's a matter of finding enough time to sit down and focus on it without someone else asking when they can use the computer.

Shannon said...

Cleaning up the iPod is so laborious! I tried to get mine cleaned up earlier in the year and add album artwork to every song. I have thousands upon thousands of songs, so I am sure you can guess I gave up. Thanks for the new music suggestion, I will download some Black Keys! Good luck with the iPod cleaning!

Allison and Ben said...

Good luck with the cleaning, it does not sound like fun. Although I just cleaned out my computer, yuk. I like your background, I think I'm going to have to change.