Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a forgetful Mom too.

I keep forgetting how much I LOVE Kate Nash. I also keep forgetting I have her CD in the CD Player of the car Seth now drives. I drove his car yesterday evening, and I listened to Kate Nash Made Of Bricks, almost all the way through. I know one of my first music posts was about Kate Nash and last year's BAFTA awards, but since it has been about a year, I thought I would revisit Kate and her awesomeness. I put a few of my favorite songs on my playlist. My favorite, favorite song, Dickhead, is one that everyone could possibly play for at least one person in their lives at any given moment. That is why I love it! (Disclaimer-if you are under 18, or don't like songs with questionable lyrics, choose another Kate Nash song to listen to -K-?) That is all for today week- Duffy? Adele? Santogold? Hmmm....just wait and see!