Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm a slacker blogger that keeps adding to the post in her head.

No really, I do. I have been writing a post in my head for months now and since I never get around to actually typing it out, I just keep adding events to it. SO- I think this post is going to be a bullet point post and it will be pretty long since I'm going to cover pretty much the whole year until now.

This is what our year has been like so far:


  • Colin lost a few teeth. 2 I think. He lost 2 last year and it was slow going for the Tooth Fairy.
  • Colin turned 8! We had a great birthday with my family going to the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum in Provo, Utah and then having pizza at Grandpa and Grandma's. It was exactly what he wanted to do! 
  • For Valentine's Day my sweet husband bought me a copy of The Pioneer Woman's book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels AND conspired a bit with my friend Katie to get me a ticket to see her (again!) and get my book signed! It was a fun night with Katie, Holly and Michelle. 
  • Colin had his 2nd grade program: The Dinosaur Fair. It was awesomely filled with songs about dinosaurs, facts about dinosaurs and the always cool dinosaur dioramas. He had a small part which he memorized quickly and said with great enthusiasm. 
  • At this point in the year, Lilly is just being Lilly, learning new things each week and growing up way too fast! (I couldn't leave her out!)
  • Colin lost 2 more teeth! The Tooth Fairy was a little busy around here the first few months of 2011. 
  • Colin started Cub Scouts and loves it! He participated in his first Pinewood Derby AND won 4th place overall (out of 17 cars) AND his first run was the fastest run of the night! He named the car Meteor Speeder and boy was it fitting!
  • Lilly's Kindergarten Orientation was at the end of April. I will have both kids in school 5 days a week for a few hours each day. We are BOTH so excited for her to start school in September. 
  • I became Colin's Cub Scout assistant Den Leader. It has been so much fun helping the boys learn more about the world around them, doing crafts and making gifts for parents. 
  • Colin's class (and I) went on a field trip to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum. It was a lot of work for the chaperones but so much fun for the kids! 
  • For Mother's Day I got a new laptop! I needed one really bad and it was totally time to upgrade. I love it and can't wait to get a "skin" for the top. 
  • We helped with a yard sale to benefit the Ride For Javin Tour deCure team. It was at my parent's house and we earned quite a bit of money between the items that were donated and the goodies I made! 
  • Lilly turned 5! We had a BBQ/Strawberry Shortcake Birthday party at my parents after the yard sale and had a lot of fun. 
  • Lilly graduated from preschool. Her program was so cute (she is an adorable little Hula Girl) and the end of the year video made me cry. She has grown up SO MUCH this last year and learned  a lot of things to help her in Kindergarten. 
  • We had a birthday party for Lilly- a little late I know- but it was the only time we could do it.
  • Colin had his last day of 2nd grade! Despite some social issues and a change in meds in March he made it through! His grades and behavior improved over the previous term and we are so proud. His teacher was so good with him all year long and I am going to miss volunteering in the classroom every week. 
  • Seth rode his first benefit bike ride the Tour deCure! 25 miles with the Ride For Javin Team and they raised over $2000 to help find a cure for diabetes. It was a fun day and a great accomplishment for Seth, he now wants to do a few other rides around the state. 
  • I had a birthday. I am now one year older and I have quite a few more grey hairs on my head. We went to the Clark Planetarium and saw a 3-D movie about the Hubble Telescope and had 5 Guys for lunch. My friends had a birthday LL for me the following Tuesday and overall it was a great birthday. Now if only the grey hair would go away. 
July (so far)
  • We had a fun 4th of July weekend. Lots of time as a family. Neighborhood/Scout breakfast and an impromptu pancake breakfast with neighbors. Fireworks with the same neighbors and lots of fun. It was nice to spend time at home and just relax.
  • We spend a weekend at Bear Lake using a cabin that is owned by a friend of my Dad's. That is totally my idea of camping- cabin with running water and electricity, mattresses to sleep on and a shower! We had a lot of fun going out on the boat and my kids LOVED riding on the tube. Colin went the fastest without falling off and Lilly was a little daredevil. I took hundreds of pics of them on the boat, and if I get a chance I will share a few of them!

That is our year so far! We've done so many fun things and have many fun things ahead for our family! I'm going to try to start sharing a new recipe each week and at least one WTH? post a week too. Try is the key word (as usual) since we are busy, busy, busy this summer.

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Allison and Ben said...

Yea, it sounds like you guys have been busy. Wow somehow I missed that you volunteered to be Asst. Den Mother. I love it! I can't wait for Bear to start. I'm glad things are going well, and I wish we were closer.