Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm a Mom starting to do new things with my family too...

...things most of you wouldn't think I would do.

First off- I'm a kind of a girly girl. I don't really enjoy being outdoors  unless it includes me sitting on the back deck with bottle glass of wine and a good book or my laptop. That means a shower and a bathroom aren't very far away. If we go camping (which we haven't done since way before the kids were born) it is at an established campground or KOA. We car camp.

SO you would assume I don't like to fish. Well, you are right...I'm kind of squirmy when it comes to baiting the hook with a live night crawler (or part of a live night crawler) and I will never, ever gut a fish, EVER. But I'm pretty good at casting, OK at waiting patiently for a fish and sitting at a fish pond or lake side isn't too bad.

We got gear together for us to go fishing while we were at Bear Lake. Due to a couple of severe sunburns, only Seth and Colin were able to go out on the raft and fish. So before our fishing licenses expired, we decided to take the kids out to a local fishing pond and teach them how to fish.

We didn't catch anything, and we learned a few lessons- don't fish at a place that has a playground or Lilly will complain that she doesn't get to play, make note of the wind so the line doesn't drift as you are casting, and make sure you bring a pair of sunglasses for Colin or he will complain too.

We will go again and maybe try a new spot (one without a playground) and hopefully I'll have some fish to try new recipes on!