Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm the Mom of a kid that finds Happiness in the funniest ways.

My oldest  has a non-typical way of playing most days. He likes to do what we call "Projects". My Dad gives him plumbing parts that don't work anymore (and are not fixable) and he gets to take them apart and see how they work. Sometimes he puts them back together, sometimes he doesn't but these "projects" keep him busy for hours. And I don't mean just 1 or 2 I mean 8 or more. That translates into Happiness for the kid and Happiness for the rest of the house (meaning, we don't have to entertain him).

Colin and his own set of tools  

Studying a circuit board

I'm linking to Leigh vs. Laundry and her 52 weeks of Happiness. Trying to find Happiness in my week. Sometimes it is hard and sometimes it is pretty easy.


Allison and Ben said...

I like it. Bear likes to do projects too. At least Colin's tools look very organized, ours are a little crazy.

Linda D. said...

I found you via Leigh vs Laundry and really enjoyed your Happiness Project. What a lucky boy to have a mom and Grandpa who support his "tinkering" interests and talents!

leigh said...

Love this! He looks so enthralled!