Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm the winner (again) of a SWEET prize.

I have started frequenting a site that hosts giveaways every day. Comments are only open for 24 hours (or less) and you have to check back everyday to see if you won, and of course to see what the next giveaway is. My Giveaway Today rocks! There are usually only 3 or 4 ways to enter, and it is really easy to do so.
I entered a giveaway a week or so ago, and I only entered one of the ways and I WON! SWEET! I really don't enter as many giveaways as you might think (I only enter the ones I really want to win)  and sometimes I don't do everything I can to enter multiple times. So I love that I DO win every once in a while.

I won a $35 gift certificate to the Just Bead It Designs wonderful etsy shop! It took me a while to decide what I wanted, there were (are) soo many things to choose from. But I finally decided on the "Gothic Bead and Charms Bracelet" and the "William Shakespeare Charmed Beaded Bookmark".  I love the bracelet! I wear it with a few other bangles I have, and it is so fun! (My husband thought the combo was annoying to listen to, but I like it) Since the shop had one-of-a-kind items, the items I received aren't shown anymore and that is why I took a few pics so you can see.  (Please remember I am not a photographer...these pictures won't do the items justice)

LOVE the skulls on this bracelet! It is pretty and edgy at the same time.

Look it's Will! Such a pretty bookmark.

I highly recommend you check out both of these great sites! Especially if you need/want a very customized charm bracelet OR like to have a very easy chance at winning some great prizes!

The usual disclaimer: I won the gift certificate from My Giveaway Today, and chose my items from Just Bead It Designs myself. I was not asked to write about either of these sites, nor was I monetarily compensated for writing the post.


Theresa said...

Yay! I enter those drawings sometimes too because they give away some great stuff. I haven't been lucky enough to win though.

Allison and Ben said...

I love the book mark. I might need to pick one out myself. The braclet just screams Anjie, love it. So fun when you win things.