Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm a blogger responding to a request.

You would think I could keep it together enough to blog about the things I say I'm gonna blog about. Sometimes it takes a gentle reminder or request from a reader to make me stay on top of it (thanks Holly!)

You would also think it would be easy for me to blog once a month about the movies we watch for my Movie MOMS group. Just stop thinking! As a Mom, I've found that what I think should be happening, and what actually happens are two completely opposite things. But I'll try harder....promise.

So as I said, Holly reminded me that I haven't given my views on the movies we watched for Movie MOMS in April. So here they are...and if you've seen them, feel free to give your own views in the comments.

The first movie I watched was Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I was looking forward to seeing it, since there was a lot of hype surrounding it and Penelope Cruz's performance as Maria Elena (she won an Oscar for the role). But to tell you the truth, I wasn't all that impressed with it. Maybe because of the hype, I was expecting more than what I saw, or maybe it was because I wasn't able to watch it uninterrupted (it wasn't the kids either, they were asleep). I liked Scarlet Johansson in her role as Cristina, she was very good portraying a more bohemian, free spirited, open minded individual. Even if she didn't know what she wanted out of life in the long run, she was good at living her life for the moment, and that is something we all need to learn how to do.  As for Vicky, Rebecca Hall was good at portraying her, but I'm not so sure I liked the kind of person Vicky is. She didn't seem open to change. She had her life all planned out, and she had an idea of how things were supposed to be, but when her feelings about life, and her fiancee' changed, she tossed them aside totally willing to live a life of unhappiness.  I know a lot of people liked this film, but it isn't in my top 10. I AM going to put it in my Netflix queue again, and see if I can watch it uninterrupted, and get a new perspective on it.

The second film I watched was Kolya. It is a foreign film, so we joked we needed to read the movie (subtitles), but it is the best movie I've ever had to read. Since many of you haven't heard of this movie let me give you the description from Netflix:

"In Soviet Czechoslovakia, middle-aged concert cellist and bachelor Frantisek Louka (Zdenek Sverak) is strapped for cash, reduced to playing funerals, when a chance relationship results in his caring for a 5-year-old Russian boy, Kolja (Andrei Chalimon). Political turmoil is imminent on the eve of the Velvet Revolution, while Louka's own emotional upheaval is just as unpredictable in this heartwarming, Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning tale."

Heartwarming, is one of the best words to describe this film. It is steeped in Czech history, and made me want to learn more about the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). Mostly because a lot of this was going on during my lifetime, and even though I was young, I find it interesting how much the world has changed just in the 30 some odd years I've been alive. Anyway.....this movie was so sweet, and loving, I admit I cried in a few spots. And I loved seeing how a person can change all because of a kid. The way Louka took responsibility for a child that wasn't even related to him, was heartfelt and sweet. The one thing I couldn't figure out though (and my discussion group agreed) is why so many women were so attracted to not so attractive older man that doesn't have a decent job (he was kicked out of the philharmonic) or a decent place to live. If you can figure it out, let me know. BUT I totally recommend you see this movie at least once.

May's movies for my Movie MOMS are Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. They are my choices, and since there seems to be an influx of monster themed movies I thought it appropriate to see a couple of comedy based monster movies. I'll let you know what everyone thought of them, once we meet to discuss. I'm putting a reminder in my calendar NOW so I will actually follow through.

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LiLu said...

"Heartwarming" is my FAVORITE kind of film. :-)