Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm a Mom that opens her mouth and jinxes it.

A few posts ago I talked about how great the weather was and how much fun we had spending the day at a park as a family. I was thinking it was great to have something positive to write about, something fun, something out of the ordinary that got us out of our tedious, scheduled world. It was great until I realized I jinxed the whole state of Utah. I talked about the weather, and Mother Nature decided to laugh at us. We had more rain, more snow, and more cold days that made it seem like January instead of April. Almost every day we woke up to snow, I complained about it, and it continued.

I will no longer write about the weather. I do not want to jinx us again. I DO NOT want the month of May to be like the end of the month of April. I vow to keep my mouth shut when it warms up. I will however, post wordless pics of us enjoying the sun and the warmth and the fun that this summer will bring. So keep an eye out for them, they will be coming your way soon. I hope.