Sunday, April 12, 2009

Post Secret Sunday

Take a look at the secrets on Post Secret this week.....pretty good ones. If you are on Twitter, make sure you follow Post Secret to get a bonus secret or two on Saturdays. I quickly read through the Secrets this week, and I'm not sure which is my favorite. Share your favorite and I will read through them more carefully when I get a chance, and then I'll share mine! Oh, and Happy Easter!


Shannon said...

Happy Easter! I didn't really care for any of them this week...I guess if pressed to choose a favorite I would go with the one thanking someone for leaving so they could find themselves (card with pink duck.)

Katie said...

I liked the secret where the person hides the tax returns of those making over $400k and don't donate to charity. Although, maybe they just don't claim their charitable contributions on their taxes.... Anyway, that one made me smile.