Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm a Mom headed out of town!

Alright, I'm headed out of town to attend a lecture at USU with a couple of friends. We leave in like an hour, so I don't have time to bake the cookies I wanted to for this week's food post. I did however find the cinnamon chips for the recipe and I plan on making the cookies this weekend. Here's the recipe: I found DeeDee's blog through Tip Junkie, where her Disneyland tips were highlighted. I also found the cinnamon chips at Harmon's in The District and my Mom found them in the Albertson's in Orem (I recommend buying them when you see them....they are an elusive ingredient). Take a look at the recipe, and I will have a tutorial next week. Oh and here's a fun link: I found this at Little Black Box Reviews....I'm gonna order a ton!


Annalyn said...

Is the thing at USU the Post Secret event? I saw something about it on Jan's blog but I wasn't sure what was involved in this. I like the website but that's about all I know. Enlighten me, please!

Barbi said...

You should try the oatmeal/cinnamon chip recipe on the back of the chip bag - super yummy!!