Monday, April 20, 2009

Post Secret Monday....

hey...I warned you! Sometimes the Post Secret post will be on Mondays. So what did you think about yesterday's secrets? Good? Not so good? Awesome? My favorite secret is the the one with the closed fist and then when it flips over it says "I think it is beautiful that no matter how tight finances may survives." A lot of people I know are hurting because of the economy. We are lucky to still be OK, and I am reminded of that every time I hear about the homeless shelters and soup kitchens being full. I even gave Seth some "emergency money" to keep for when he sees someone downtown asking for a bit of a handout. He didn't have any $$ when a young family needed some for just 1 night in a hotel while waiting for their TB tests to come back to be accepted to the family shelter. It made me sad that I hadn't been prepared enough to make Seth prepared enough for something like that. What about your favorite??


Katie said...

I had three this week: The one about knowing a different God than everyone else. Probably because of where we live...I think you understand.

The one about the little girl with the disfigured hand was heartbreaking.

And I liked the last one about how the person is learning to be happy even though they are alone. I think if you can't be happy being alone, you'll never be happy if you are with someone. You have to love yourself before someone can truly love you for just being you.

Shannon said...

I agree with Katie about the one that said they were learning how to be happy alone. We only have ourselves for sure in this world and we have to be happy with ourselves. The little girl with the hand was so sad. As always, it was an awesome eye opener. Thanks for sharing!