Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm the Mom of a 9 year old boy

Colin is 9 years old today! WOW! In the last year he has joined Cub Scouts (and participated in the Pinewood Derby and earned his Wolf), finished 2nd grade, started 3rd grade, gone to LEGOLAND, been in a Wax Museum and been introduced to Drama which he enjoys a lot!

Colin is smart, a good student, funny in his own way and he loves kids that are younger than him (especially babies. He LOVES to make them happy). All, in all he is a kid that never ceases to amaze me, and constantly keeps me on my toes (sometimes not always in a good way but that is how kids are, right?) 

Happy Birthday Colin!


Karen Mortensen said...

What a cool kid. Happy Birthday.

Momma Miles said...

9? That's old.

Allison and Ben said...

Wow that is double digits. Happy Birthday Colin!