Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday's Wonderful Recipe-on Friday

So I'm a couple of days late in getting this post up. So what? I thought about it a few times on Wednesday and could have gotten a recipe up pretty quickly....but decided to take care of my kids instead.
They both had a Frenectomy done at the dentist's office on Wednesday morning. We gave them a Kiddie Cocktail to make them relax and numbed their upper lips and the awesome dentist used a very tiny laser to cut the extra skin they had connecting their upper lip to their upper gum line. It was keeping their front teeth from growing together, causing a Letterman like gap that could have made dental life harder as they grow older.
Since they couldn't eat anything but soft foods for the rest of the day, they were lucky and got pudding for lunch and shakes for dinner on Wednesday but for lunch on Thursday Colin was starving and needed a little more than junk. He asked me to make some Egg Drop Soup like I did last summer when he had his tonsils removed. 

I loved that he asked me to make it! It is a simple, basic recipe and totally adaptable to your family's tastes. If I have some, I add a 1/2 cup of frozen peas and carrots to the original recipe but I also double and triple the recipe since Colin loves it so much. I also 1/2 the amount of egg it calls for, since I'm not very good at streaming the eggs into the broth and I don't want to end up with Scrambled Egg Soup.
Try it next time someone is sick, or as a starter to your next Chinese food meal. Enjoy!