Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm a master chef, sharing a dinner party worthy recipe.

OK, so those of you that read this blog on a regular basis, or those of you that know me at all, know I'm lying about the first part. I am NOT a master chef, I am just a little old (OK so not THAT old) housewife who loves to cook. And try cooking new things. The recipe I am going to share IS, however, worthy of serving at a dinner party. And it's pretty easy. Check out the recipe for Bacon Wrapped Chicken- here. Now that you've read the recipe these are the things I'm going to change the next time I make this for my family: 1) I'm going to pound the chicken a little flatter so the chicken is rolled up a bit more., 2) I think using Chive cream cheese spread will give it a bit more flavor and easier to roll, as well as using a thin spreading of it will make less ooze out while the chicken is cooking. 3) Use two pieces of bacon depending on what size chicken breasts you use. The more bacon, the better! 4) I think I am going to put the chicken under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp up at least the top of the bacon...it needed just a bit more crunch. 5) Totally serve this with egg noodles, BUT it would also be great with boiled red potatoes (sauce served on top) or even mashed potatoes. This is a recipe I am going to use again, the whole family ate it willingly, and it was just as good as leftovers a few days later. Sorry there are no pics, I didn't have a chance to take any. Let me know if you try it!

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lili11 said...

Oh, it seems fun to be a SAHM.

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