Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm a winner, twice this time!

So a few months back you know I won a great giveaway from Fabulous Fun Finds. I enter the giveaways on that site if I like them (still holding out that I will win something from Twisted Silver- I LOVE their jewelry!) and I have found a newer site called Give Me Goodies (word has it that the person that runs that blog is the sister of the person that runs FFF). AND if any of the blogs I read on a regular basis have a giveaway, I enter those too (come on Kitchen Aid from PW!). I here to tell you that if you enter enough, you'll win!
I've won two, yes two, giveaways in the last few months. I was waiting to receive my winnings, so I that I could take pictures and share them with you.
First off, I won a gift certificate worth $20 for the esty shop Mary Dorsch Pottery from Give Me Goodies. I knew exactly what I was going to get! Even though I LOVED, and I mean LOVED the coffee mugs, I knew I had to have a tumbler to go in the new bathroom. It is simple, and if I pair it with the right things, it can look really cute and help with the look I'm trying to go for in there. This is what it looks like:
Cool, huh? I guess we could put toothbrushes in it, or fresh flowers, or even some fake ones. I don't know...I might play around with it a bit.
The second giveaway I won was from Mommy Mo' at Growing Up Mo'. I found her blog after joining You Capture from I Should Be Folding Laundry (my apologies for not participating in the challenge for a while. I just haven't felt very inspired. Maybe this weeks challenge will bring me inspiration, but don't hold me to it). Her very beautiful youngest son recently turned 1 and she held a weeks worth of giveaways to celebrate! I was lucky enough to win the Johnson and Johnson skin care gift pack, full of great skin care products for baby!
Now you all know I'm NOT and I mean NOT having anymore kids. So why would I want to win a baby skin care set? Because my sister-in-law is having another baby! I'm going to be an Aunt again, and this time we are hoping it is a boy. I'll give the whole lot to her and she will be set for a little while when the new baby comes in April. Thanks Lisa! The only reason I posted this was to tell you I actually DO win things. And to give some kudos to the great bloggers that give things away. Check 'em out! Side Note- As I went to get the link to Give Me Goodies, Blogger told me that blog doesn't exist! I know it did at one point, I still have the button on my sidebar, but I'm not sure what is going on. I'll keep the button up just in case it comes back..but if it is gone forever, I'm kind of was a fun blog to look at, and try to win things from! :(


Barbi said...

I am with you on the kitchenaid from PW!! I would happily take the food processor thingy, but would LOVE to win a mixer!

Congrats on your winnings!

Allison and Ben said...

Yea, for you on the wins. I hope you win some more.

Shannon said...

Very cool! Congrats!