Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm a Mom starting to get it together, a little.

Things have been going pretty good here in the Behunin household the last little bit. The bathroom is almost totally usable, Colin is doing well in school, Lilly is potty trained, Seth's finger is healing as well as can be expected, and I am starting to get organized for the Holidays. Tonight I am taking dinner to a friend that recently had a baby. I had a hard time deciding what to take her, since everyone takes a lasagna, or pasta, and the weather went from "fallish" to "Winter" in 3.5 seconds. I googled "Meals to take to a friend" or something like that, and came up with the menu below: Potato Cheese Soup- I'll share my recipe next week! Semi-Homemade Parker house Rolls- Rhodes Bake-N-Serv ROCK! Easy Apple Crisp- Yummy dessert find the recipe here. This might be my new go-to meal to take to a friend that needs it. At least for the winter. What is YOUR favorite meal to take to someone?

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Allison and Ben said...

My standard (as long as they eat meat) is Taco Bake with salad and desert. Supper simple and can be reheated if I drop it off early without messing things up.