Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post Secret Sunday

I'm sorry I didn't get to my Post Secret post last that the new secrets are up, I'm just gonna skip last week, and move on to this week. If you'll know that yesterday was a Post Secret/Twitter funraiser for 1(800)SUICIDE. Frank said that if 1,000 people "re-tweeted" his Saturday Secrets, he would donate $1,000 to the 1(800)SUICIDE hotline. Yesterday, so many people "re-tweeted" his Tweet, he deicded to donate $2,000 to the cause. It was pretty cool to be able to do a simple thing to help a great cause. On to the Sunday Secrets: I could identify with a few of the secrets this week...the one about moving into an apartment by themselves just so they could poop in peace (most of you can understand that one, right?)...the one about standing on the podium being the best moment of their life (sometimes I wonder if I've had my best moment, or if there are many more yet to come)... the one about wishing the swine flu would come to someone's college made me remember the times right before finals when I was burned out and tired and was just barely making it through the day, mostly running on cruise control needing them to be over so I could have a break...and finally I thought the one about the kids laughing behind their mom's/dad's back was kind of sad since those of us that have kids gave something up at some point to make their lives better. What secret(s) did you identify with this week?