Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm a Mom with random thoughts in her head.

I know I haven't posted anything worthwhile in a long time, but life gets in the way sometimes. There are a few random things floating around in this head of mine, and the sooner I get them out, the sooner I get on with life! -Why is it that I feel bad when I don't like specific kids? I shouldn't feel bad about are people too, and not everyone gets along with all people. My biggest problem right now is not liking certain kids, and not liking their parents more and more, as I get to know the kids better. I guess my random musing is that it kinda sucks and is cool at the same time that how our kids behave reflects greatly on us (I hope my kids behavior reflects well on me...but if not, I'll try harder, unlike other people I know). -I am almost 32 years old and I am just barely getting to the realization that no matter how "grown up" we claim to be, there is always going to be someone in our lives that thrives on drama, or gossip. Now I'm not saying I don't like gossip, but spreading stuff that isn't true just to feel important is so High School. And feeling better about yourself because someone else is in crisis is so Jr. High School. I can't wait to be as done with it as I can be. -Is it OK to de-friend someone on Facebook if you know they are going to act like my realization above? Or do you just suck it up and deal? -Why does Bailey's Chocolate Chip/Chunk Ice Cream and Chocolate Bread pudding taste better when it is brought home from MacCool's by my husband, than it does when I eat it at MacCool's? (OK...I know the answer to that question....just thinking about dessert last night..mmmm) -No matter how hard I try to get away from the rude people at the grocery store (lady on cell phone cut through parking spaces and almost hit Lilly) they always seem to be right there the whole time I'm in the store. UGH! -Joe makes better Iced Lattes than Emma....sorry Emma....I don't know what it is about Joe, but he rocks! OK...random thoughts done for the day....feel free to call me crazy, or put me in a loony bin (then I might be able to pee by myself!), or answer any of the above questions. Or not. Just random stuff. More to come, I am pretty damn sure!


Allison and Ben said...

I think you just need to talk to me and vent. That makes everyone feel better. Miss you tons.

And yes some people just need drama in their lives. I was reminded of this when I got a very random phone call the other day.

Janice said...

I think it is a good idea to defriend people you don't like on Facebook. As a matter of fact, I wish it had a pop up window that said "Do you want to tell them you defriended?", instead of just saying, they won't be notified. Sometimes you just want to say "HEY! SCREW YOU!". And you are alright for wanting to say that. You are awesome!

Cindy said...

Have to agree with you about not liking specific kids and their parents. Think Ruby was exposed to chickenpox yesterday because of our trashy neighbors. If your f-ing kid has something contagious, keep them away from babies! Especially my seven week old! I seriously don't know what is wrong with people.

Katie said...

1. Don't feel bad about not liking specific kids...I think I've made it clear that there are a few in my 'hood that I don't like at all. And yes, kids behavior does reflect on their parents and YOU have NOTHING to worry about!

2. Some people just feel that need for drama and being the center of attention (whether for good or bad reasons) and we'll never escape them. It's just best to try and ignore and move on.

3. Yes, defriend away - as long as it's not me!

4. Joe does make great lattes.

Shannon said...

Doesn't it help to just get these random thoughts out there and kind of process them? Nothing wrong with not liking some kids...they are definitely a product of their parents' behavior. There seems to be a LOT more rude people than nice people...ugh. De-friend the people on Facebook, who cares what they think abut it! :)