Monday, March 9, 2009

My money's on the shark

The question is:

Who would in a fight between a bear and a shark?

Some shark's have such huge mouth's, they can just eat the bear in one jaw snapping bite. (OK, so I have no research to back this up, it is just what I imagine happening in this crazy head of mine.)

(I started subscribing to "Plinky" so I wouldn't run out of interesting things to say, and so my next wordle won't be mostly about cooking)


Katie said...

I'd go with the bear. While the shark does have a large mouth with sharp teeth, the bear has claws, strength, AND sharp teeth.

Allison and Ben said...

If only sharks swam in colder water, you might be able to find out. Of course that depends on how close it could get to the polar bear. Humm, I think I would go with the Bear. I would imagine that the bear would have more free movement in the water, and could make stronger strikes against the shark.