Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm a Mom that is crazy busy, taking time out to post some music shit.

OK... so it really isn't "shit" unless you don't like the music I am going to talk about. I haven't heard anything new recently, well, not any new bands/artists, but some "old" bands have some new music. I keep hearing about how great the new Depeche Mode song "Wrong" is. But I haven't had a chance to really listen to it. (Although I am sure it is's DM) Franz Ferdinand has a new CD. I think I like all of their stuff, just as I do the music by The Killers, but I really like the song "No You Girls" (thanks James!) doesn't have the full track on the website, but I am sure you can find it somewhere else (I use because it is user friendly. I don't have to be a computer nerd to understand how to listen to a song) Coconut Records has a new single....."Microphone" is good. It is pretty catchy, and I started singing it after hearing the chorus one time (that is one thing that helps me decide if it is a good song, if I can sing it, BUT it is not the only thing that makes a song good). That is all I can think of that is new right now. I know the rest of you might have some music insight too (I saw something on FB about a new NIN single???)....let me know if I missed anything great!


Allison and Ben said...

Ben loves the Killers too. We thought about going to their concert for his B-day but it fell on the fourth of Feb. and that would have been too soon after Cooper. Maybe next time their in town.

Annalyn said...

I love music shit - so let's chat!

If you want to hear the "Wrong" song, go to and click on Downloads, then Media, then Videos. Watch the video. It's very warped but way freakin' cool!

As for The Killers, I was this {holding two fingers apart} close to purchasing them the other day. Instead I went with Toxic Airborne Event. I'm diggin' their music but I still have this feeling The Killers would have been a better choice.

If you want to get the new NIN song for free, go to and he offers a couple of his songs for download. Ya know - as much of a fan as I am, I have to admit that his music isn't that poppy stuff that immediately appeals to the ear. If you're patient and give his stuff a few spins, it's usually very good.

I'll have to check out that Franz Ferdinand song. I've never been crazy for them but I have always enjoyed what I listened to.

And last but not least, are you into Blue October? I'm totally stoked that their new album (yes, I still call them album instead of cd. Dates me, huh?!) released yesterday. Yeah! I am buying it the moment I get home on Thursday! I'm totally bummed that I'll be out of town for the concert next week. Drat!

There's my two cents about music. Oh...and I'll check out "Microphone".