Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm a woman that hopes to have some will power this year.

I know I was supposed to share my New Year's Goals with everyone a few days ago, but this year I have been really thinking hard about what I want my goals to be. A lot of people don't make goals just at the New Year, they are strong enough to make and keep goals all year long. I think with the start of a New Year, comes a cleanish slate and chance to work on things that will make the year a great one. And in 2009 I don't want to make the same resolutions I make and break every year, so I actually took my time.

Quite a few blogs I read have suggested we choose one word to focus on during the year. That word could be anything that will help us accomplish the goals we set throughout the year. Laurie at Tip Junkie and Cassie at Little Window Shoppe have both had great posts with ideas for setting goals. Read them here and here. Tip Junkie is even having a giveaway for our Word of the Year.
I have been having a hard time coming up with one that fits all my goals, but I decided on one word that I can use to remind me of the most important goals this year:
I will relax and slow down to keep my blood pressure down.
I will relax my mind by excersicing (3 times a week), and clearing my thoughts while I do so.
I will relax by reading more, without my kids and with my kids. More than one book a month.
I will relax by not taking on more than I am supposed to, and by not worrying about the responsibility of others.
I know these four goals won't be easy to accomplish. But I DO think stating them they way I have, sharing them with you, AND using one word to epitomize what I want to achieve is going to help me keep these goals.


Katie said...

I think that is an excellent goal. One all of us can relate, too. And when I see you stressing, I'll try and remind you to RELAX!

Gretchen said...

I have tackled that goal at various phases in my crazy-mom-world too! It's a GREAT goal to have. Me and my friends have made up an 11th Commandment that goes with the goal to relax in the manner you describe: Thou Shalt Unclench Thy Buttocks!! Whenever one of us starts to get stressed, we simply tell each other (or text, or email) one word: UNCLENCH!! It's so funny, and really gets us to relax in that moment when we are being tense over things that really don't matter too much. Good luck with your goals this year Anjie!

Barbi said...

I think your goals are reasonable!
I am sure you will do great!

Shannon said...

That sounds like a very realistic and healthy goal! Good idea to put it into writing and actually state the goal. I am sure you will be able to tackle this goal and then your entire life will be more enjoyable :D Good luck!!