Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm a Mom wishing you a Happy Inauguration Day!

This is the first time I have spent the whole day (well, most of the day...there were a few breaks for driving) with the Presidential Inauguration on the TV. As soon as I turned the TV on this AM, I watched the inauguration hubbub all day (it's still on in the bedroom). Thanks to Holly, a bunch of us spent the morning sharing the historic moment with friends ready for change and ready for the challenges at hand (see I really DID listen to the President's speech). Hopefully I will have a few pics of us whooping it up soon. There are multiple things about this inauguration that I haven't noticed in the past....most of them steeped in tradition. The coffee/brunch (you all know there had to be a huge spread) President Bush and President-elect Obama (he hadn't been sworn in yet) had before the swearing in (Wow, really? I am sure that may have been a forced conversation). The note left in the oval office by the former President for the new President to read (I am wondering what was written in that note) and last but not least (this is the BEST part) how the now former President Bush and his wife left the White House and Presidency behind right after the swearing in ceremony was finished (whoo hoo! no lingering for the Bush's.) I think that no matter what happens in 4 years (please let President Obama be re-elected!) I will make it a point to spend the day watching the Presidential Inauguration festivities. The whole day has been full of history (both past and the making of) and tradition that makes our great nation what it is. I've really enjoyed being as much of a part of it as I can be from out here in Utah. Hope you were able to enjoy some of it too!


Shannon said...

How wonderful that you were able to share this historic day with your friends! It was truly a wonderful day in our great country. I agree, the best part beside Obama being sworn in was Bush LEAVING! Here's to four (HOPEFULLY 8!) years of better times for us all.

Katie said...

What a great day and I was fortunate enough to spend it celebrating with wonderful friends!

Allison and Ben said...

I think it's great that Holly had people over to celebrate the changes being made in the country. How much fun!