Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I still don't want to open Christmas.

We decorated the tree last night, and tonight, and I am sure we will put more ornaments on tomorrow. Buying the shatterproof ones totally helped....I don't think I will worry as much about the "special" ones getting broken this year. It isn't pretty, and I am sure I could do more....maybe some red ribbon or something, but here is a pic:

Christmas Tree 2008 AND I did go buy some garland to hang on the front railing. I didn't put it up yet, but maybe tomorrow. Maybe. (If anyone knows where I can find a berry garland or a string of red small wooden beads...let me know...thinking of adding them to the railing)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I decided not to reply to comments on yesterday's post in the comments section, but to do it here: m0ck0bject- Don't you think one scrooge in a house is enough? Everyone- I'm glad I'm not the only one that is having a hard time this year. Maybe snow would help, or a Christmas party. My first one is on Saturday, although that one is sans booze, so maybe not. Barbi- I'd love for you to add my blog to your blog roll...I added yours to mine! You just need to post more often!


Katie said...

I'm glad you got your tree up and if it's the only thing that gets decorated, then that's okay. It's really the only important thing anyway!

Barbi said...

So - If you think your tree is boring...besides the lights and the star on top, we only have 1 ornament on our tree, and my son just made it other the day for Santa. I think you tree looks great!
I just added you to my blog. Now, hopefully, I will check more often!