Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm a Mom hoping to get some Christmas Stuff done today!

So as you know today is the 12th of December (or maybe you didn't know...surprise! It's the 12th) The 12th! I still have a few things to do before Christmas Day. I need to buy gifts for Seth's parents. I need to think of something else for my Mom, and for my brother. Seth needs to decide what we are getting his brother and his Mom. I have baking to do, and wrapping to start, and Oh My God! So many thing to accomplish! *sigh* Today though, my goal is to take a picture of the kids for the Christmas Card/Calendar. I've decided I have to get that done TODAY depsite whatever bruises, dry spots, paint marks, or boogers might be on my kids faces. I am going to dress them up and sit them down in front of the tree/couch/wall/front door and take a few pictures. They will get pictures taken, and even if they DON'T smile (which is the norm for Colin) I will pick one or two or three and finally, finally, finally, order Christmas Cards. (This year I wanted to get them from Snapfish, or Kodak, or some other fun online picture center, but that is not happening this late in the game, Costco it is!) Wish me luck, caffeine, and decent weather (just in case we DO go outside) and I'll post some of the blooper pics later today! Plust, just because I might get my Christmas Cards ordered, doesn't mean I will get them addressed and sent in a timely manner. Maybe that will be a Sunday project in between laundry and Ornament Exchanges, that is.


Barbi said...

Good luck with that! I have to accomplish alot of your same tasks (except for the christmas cards. I sent very boring ones this year with no picture). I cant wait to see your pics later!

Cindy said...

I want to see the booger pictures, those are the funniest!

Janice said...

Yay for Costco! I'm scheduling that for tomorrow...well, until I came down with this darn scratchy throat.Oh well, such is my luck!