Sunday, March 9, 2008


Since I just complained about "mommy brain", and the only two people that read my blog have expressed an interest in discussing things other than the kids, I think I am going to start telling you about things that I am into right now, here...and if that carries over into "real life" then all the better! MUSIC: I am soo into my Sirius Radio (thanks Bryant, Becky and Morgan)! I listen to BBC Radio 1 because it has such a variety of song could be Arctic Monkeys, and the next Timbaland (I don't necessarily like either of those musicians, but that shows the wide range on Radio 1). Anyway...I am really into Kate Nash right now....I got her CD and whenever the kids are not in the car, I listen to it (read: explicit lyrics) I find her a bit fun, and even a little empowering (see "Mouthwash lyrics"). So, if you want listen to some of her music, and let me know what you think!


Katie said...

I like it. Kind of a little Lilly Allen crossed with Tori Amos. Where was she when I was in high school? Because she SO would've been someone I would've listened to in high school and everyone else would've hated.

Carrott said...

That's why I like her! She had the same melancholy lyrics like Lily Allen, but her music itself is more upbeat than what the lyrics warrant. Lily Allen is a little more "poppy" sometimes though.