Thursday, November 1, 2007


Now that October is over, I have started thinking about Thanksgiving. (Novel idea huh, thinking about the Holiday IN THE MONTH the holiday occurs...WOW! Wish retailers would follow my example!) My sister and I started talking about Thanksgiving dinner, and who should provide which dishes (it is the year we all spend it with my parents/family) and it got me wondering about my friend's traditions. In the last few years, my Dad started Deep Frying the turkey. My hubby and Dad (sometimes my brother) stand around the turkey fryer in the backyard, holding a beer or two or three (my brother sans beer), while the women try to get the rest of the meal ready at the same time or even before the turkey is done. How fair is that? The turkey of course is cooked to perfection, AND we don't have to run to the neighbors to cook the rolls or dressing. But it never fails....the women are rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off (I know cliche, but I haven't had my caffeine yet this morning) and the men get to stand around "watching to make sure the turkey doesn't start on fire". Now I ask you "How many men does it take to make sure a turkey doesn't burn??" in our case "Four, 1 to actually watch the turkey (my firefighter brother) and 3 others to tell him how to watch it".

So now it is your turn...let me know what your Thanksgiving traditions are!

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Katie said...

This is my first year hosting Thanksgiving, so it should be interesting. Our only real tradition is to actually spend it with my family. Always my family for Thanksgiving and my husbands for Christmas (my family is usually so high-strung by Christmas, they're not even fun to be around!). It's always the same meal - don't try to deviate, because that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E! And we always tend to eat about an hour later than scheduled. We call that "Leslie Standard Time" because my mom is ALWAYS late! My brother always makes the mashed potatoes because he makes the world's best mashed potatoes EVER! I always make the cranberry sauce. And we always do real candied yams (sweet pototoes) from scratch, never the can. And then we eat until we can't eat any more. Then we eat again a couple hours later. Then a few hours later have pie. Happy Thanksgiving!!!