Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mama Bear

My friend sent this to me in an email, and when I read it I agreed wholeheartedly....except for the part about the cubs being partially grown. I love (and often miss) the newborn baby stage where all your little one wants to do is sleep on, next to, or near you!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahhhh! Two hours to myself!

So Friday was the first day of the weekly babysitting. It was so relaxing! I didn't even get everything done I wanted to! I went to the Quilted Bear, and just looked around FOR TWO HOURS! I know that place is big, and I know I never finish looking at everything before the kids get bored, but I didn't realize it would take up my whole time! I started out not having anything to occupy my childless time, but have since come up with a few things that will help me remember my name isn't Mom....I just hope I will keep this going for long enough to "find myself" but still be able to remember what my true role in life is...motherhood.

Monday, September 10, 2007

"Trying" part 2

Here's what I've decided to do....I have asked a couple of friends (12 year olds) to watch my kids for a few hours every Friday afternoon. I made the decision to have a standing babysitting appointment with them so I can go do whatever I want, just for me. The problem is....what do I do during that time? I can go get a pedicure....but wait, have to pay the babysitters. I could go get a coffee and sit and read....but wait, have to pay the babysitters. A bit of a dilema. Maybe I'll just go buy a single serving sized Ben and Jerry's ($1) and sit in the car. :) At least I'll be alone...doing something just for me! (And I'll still be able to pay the babysitters!)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Trying" being the key word

So I realized that my little quote here on this blog has something to do with me "trying" to do things to remind myself I'm not just a Mom. I guess "trying" is the key word. I need to "try" harder. Although the month just started, I haven't done one thing that hasn't been for or included my kids. We went to a few BBQ's over the Labor Day weekend...but we took our kids to all of them (at one they were the "entertainment"). We've been to softball games, and the park and even though the park day was kinda for me (I wanted to see if my 4 year old would get tired enough to take a nap--no such luck) the kids still got to have fun too. I guess what I am "trying" to say is: I NEED TO TRY HARDER! Any suggestions that don't include waking up early (I'm NOT a morning person) would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Night In Jail"

My son came prancing into the house this afternoon...singing a song from "Cinderella": Son: "Sweet Night In Jail..ahhahhahh..Sweet Night In Jail" Me: WHAT!? Son: It's a song from Cinderella, Mom. (now I'm realizing the tune is "Sing Sweet Nightingale". Me: Oh (with lots of inflection)'d better go sing that to your Dad. Isn't it crazy what kids hear when they listen to the English language? (At least he got the tune right!)