Monday, September 10, 2007

"Trying" part 2

Here's what I've decided to do....I have asked a couple of friends (12 year olds) to watch my kids for a few hours every Friday afternoon. I made the decision to have a standing babysitting appointment with them so I can go do whatever I want, just for me. The problem is....what do I do during that time? I can go get a pedicure....but wait, have to pay the babysitters. I could go get a coffee and sit and read....but wait, have to pay the babysitters. A bit of a dilema. Maybe I'll just go buy a single serving sized Ben and Jerry's ($1) and sit in the car. :) At least I'll be alone...doing something just for me! (And I'll still be able to pay the babysitters!)

1 Comment:

Katie said...

And people without kids wonder why those with kids never go out? Too much money to pay babysitters AND go out.

But good for you, doing something for yourself! More moms should do this.