Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm a homemaker having some fun making Christmas Treats!

I like to make treats for my family and friends through the month of December to show them I care (as do most people). I have my "usuals": Oreo Truffles, Spritz cookies & Sugar Cookies and each year I do a few new things. Last year it was Peppermint Bark (so easy to make, but I left it in the garage fridge and we forgot about it), Vanilla Wafer Pops (they didn't work out well for fault entirely) and Rice Krispie Balls (a throwback to my childhood).

This year I've tried TWO new recipes that aren't too bad. Through a couple of friends (Hi Katie! Hi Barbi!), I found a local (and by local I mean on the WEST side of the Salt Lake Valley) food blogger that shares her family friendly recipes at Jamie Cooks It Up. LOVE her! Most of her recipes that I've tried, work! And they are ones that I can make while Colin is doing Homework and the kids will eat them! I've used my Kitchen Aid way more often since reading her blog, and I've made bread (not something I ever thought I'd do).

I tried her Sweet Cherry Candy Cane cookies and her White Chocolate Popcorn. YUM!

The Sweet Cherry Candy cane cookies didn't work out as candy canes (the dough was too crumby- again, my fault!) but we rolled the dough into balls and they turned out! The colors are Christmasy and Lilly loved helping me roll the cookie dough. And she loves eating them.

The White Chocolate Popcorn was SO easy to make once I figured out how many cups of popcorn are in a bag of microwave popcorn AND how much un-popped popcorn would make the same amount of air popped popcorn. (BTW- there are approx. 12 cups in a microwave bag, and 1/3 cup un-popped kernels make 12 cups air popped popcorn). I didn't add the peanuts (we don't eat nuts in our family) and to one batch I added 1/2 cup dried cranberries. It looks so pretty and is a perfect item to give as a gift. Like Jamie says, make some up, put it in a cute bag and you've got something yummy to give to a friend. 

Now that I've tried the new recipes and added them to my recipe box, it is time to make my traditional treats. Oreo Truffles are up first, hopefully followed by homemade sugar cookies for the kids to decorate (gonna try PW's recipe this year). Hope your Holiday baking is successful!



Allison and Ben said...

I love it, I just wish I had baked some stuff this year. Maybe next year. All those choices sound so good, I wonder what I will try. Cuddos on the bread making, keep it up, homemade bread is so yummy.

Barbi said...

I love Jamie's recipes. Though..I am do I get on the "friend treat list" around the holidays??? HMmmmmmm Anjie?!!? :) Just playin'

I lost track of my blogs, so I haven't checked yours in months, but I will be back! I keep telling myself I am going to start updating my blog more often. One day...