Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am Mom saying: What The Hell?

By now everyone knows the train wreck that goes by the name of Kanye West. And everyone knows the crap he pulled at last year's MTV Video Music Awards when Taylor Swift won her award. If you don't, first of all- read some entertainment news and second- go here.

So pretty much everyone in the world was on Taylor Swift's side (she handled herself pretty well for a teenager) and proclaimed Kanye West a HUGE douchebag. Or high. Or drunk. Or all three. But as he has in the past he turns it all around on HIM and makes a statement that just confirms his douchebagginess and blames his rough year on the media.

You can read the Yahoo! News story here.

"Oh no! The media dissed me all year long! I had to close down my clothing line and I didn't get to make that extra million this year.! It is NOT my fault, I was a jerk but the media 'demonized' me." WHAT THE HELL? Or how about SHUT THE HELL UP! It has been a year, stop bringing it up, stop being a martyr and start being a decent human being (if possible).