Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm a Mom saying WHAT THE HELL?

I just read a local story that made me say "What The Hell!" It was almost out loud.

Here is the story: Police: Dad retaliated by abandoning kids at Mall

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? A 3 year old and an 18 month old? SERIOUSLY? So you get pissed off at your spouse/partner and you walk out to cool off. YOU. ALONE. You don't freaking take the kids with you and leave them at the mall. What the Hell was he thinking? That HE wasn't going to get in trouble for it? It sounds as if (now this is just speculation) the parents were possibly drug addicts, or down on their luck, since the Police hadn't given the kids back to their Mother at the time the story was posted. But really....drug addiction is no excuse to do shit like that. 

OK, that's my "What The Hell" for the week. If any more info becomes available (since I don't want to spread untrue speculations about the parents, or at least the Mom) I'll update.

*UPDATE* Well it's not so much of an update as a correction. The children are 18 months and 3 months old. BABIES. No so much kids as BABIES. WTH?

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Lori Knobel said...

I cannot believe this!! I hate how couples like this use their poor, innocent children as a way to "get back" at their significant other. If you're pissed at your significant other then take it up with them and leave your BABIES out of it! Just disgusting!